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What is the Alexander Technique?

What is the Alexander Technique?


The Alexander Technique is the method by which, through conscious awareness of how we use the body, we see the self as a functioning whole, rather than a collection of parts. This awareness leads to proper use of the body and the relief of so many physical and mental distresses of modern life, from pain to disfunction. 

It involves unlearning habits that lead to pain, and understanding the connection between the mind and the body. The best - and some would argue only - way to understand more is to experience the Alexander Technique firsthand by having a lesson with an Alexander Technique teacher. 

The Alexander Technique was developed by F.M. Alexander over 120 years ago and is practiced around the world. 

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Alexander using his technique

F.M. Alexander works with a student

Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life.
— F. M. Alexander