Newton, MA

Learning Alexander Technique in Boston with Ruth Kilroy

Learning Alexander Technique in Boston with Ruth Kilroy

Ruth Kilroy, Director of the Alexander Technique Center in Greater Boston, MA Newton MA 

How Can I Learn About the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is learned through a series of private lessons.

It is recommended that someone new to the Alexander Technique take at least 10 lessons to gain the requisite knowledge to see improvements. 

What Will a Lesson with Ruth Look Like?

Ruth offers 30- or 45-minute lessons in her studio. 

With both hands-on and verbal guidance, Ruth will use a number of simple movements to help you increase your awareness of your body’s proper coordination, a knowledge which can then be applied to daily activities. 

Ruth will always address your specific issues and concerns in order to provide you with the necessary tools to improve your function and/or reduce your pain, no matter what that means for you.