Newton, MA
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How Can the Alexander Technique Help Me?

Alexander Technique Private Lessons by Ruth Kilroy in Boston and Newton can help with pain, fatigue, injury recovery, movement and loss of range of motion.


Can the Alexander Technique Help Me?

The Alexander Technique can help you if you suffer from pain or discomfort or if you want to maximize how you use your body for your profession or passion, such as music or sport.

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Prevention and recovery from 

- neck and back injury

- chronic pain 

- scioliosis

- planter fascitis 

- migraines

- chronic health problems (e.g., Asthma, Sciatica)

- and other ailments 

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improves performance in 

- dance & movement

- vocal performance

- theatrical performance  

- professional & amateur sports (e.g., golf, baseball, tennis, ) 

- wind & string instrument performance

- power & weight lifting (e.g., form, injury prevention/recovery, overcoming plateaus)

- daily activities  

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