Newton, MA
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Testimonials for Ruth Kilroy of the Alexander Technique Training Center in Newton, MA

Reviews Ruth Kilroy Alexander Technique Training Course in Boston, Newton

Dr. Milo Pulde, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

My entire family have been students of Ruth’s for more than 10 years. Her instruction in the Alexander Technique has enabled all of us to correct long-standing imbalances in our posture  and movement that has resulted in profound improvements in our level of function and quality of life. My sons are college and professional athletes who have incorporated the technique into their personal and professional lives, which has translated into enhanced performance. Personally, it has resulted in a greater enjoyment of my daily long-distance bike rides and a reduction in discomforts from long hours sitting at the computer. As a physician, I have recommended Ruth to many of my patients who have universally derived benefits despite chronic conditions which had been unresponsive to conventional treatment. Ruth has a rare combination of expertise, passion, interest and quality of individualized teaching, which accounts for her success in enabling her students to master the Alexander Technique and use it to effect important changes in their personal health. Ruth is more than highly recommended.

dr. Yong-Han Koo, DDS

oral surgeon

I have been getting lessons from Ruth over the past 8 years. She has truly saved my career as an oral surgeon by teaching me how to use my body correctly through the Alexander Technique. Ruth is not only a master instructor but also a kind, compassionate and sincere person. I give her my highest recommendation to people who have been suffering from various chronic pain issues and are looking to enhance the quality of their lives by applying the principles of Alexander Technique.


Suzanne Faulkner

yoga instructor & certified alexander technique Teacher 

When I met Ruth I was already a certified Alexander teacher, but I knew something was missing from my work. I went looking for a teacher willing and able to teach the basic concepts and principles while allowing the depth of Alexander's Technique work to be revealed in its entirety. After one lesson with Ruth I knew it was in my best interest to pursue a certificate from her training course. My search was over. I have now been studying with Ruth for a quarter century. Her work continues to deepen. I return to her training course  twice a year for the teacher intensive weeks, and I always come away with fresh ideas and information or a new perspective of a concept we have worked on for years. In my opinion, Ruth Kilroy is one of the most dedicated and talented teachers alive on this planet today.