Newton, MA

Ruth Kilroy, Director, Alexander Technique Training Center

Ruth Kilroy has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 40 years.

Ruth Kilroy, Director of the Alexander Technique Training Center in Newton, Massachusetts

Ruth Kilroy has been teaching the Alexander Technique privately for 35 years and has run a comprehensive teacher-training program continuously since 1993, graduating over 50 board-certified Alexander Technique teachers.

She graduated in 1984 from the Patrick MacDonald School for the Alexander Technique in London, England and is certified by STAT (England) and AmSAT (US).

Ruth runs regular post-graduate workshops for Alexander Technique teachers and has been a visiting teacher in Australia, Canada, Germany and Israel.

Having trained with one of F.M. Alexander's original disciples, Ruth demonstrates a depth and range of knowledge, four decades of experience and a natural gift for the practice, making her one of the most sought-after Alexander Technique teachers in the Northeast.