Newton, MA
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General Rules

General Rules

Students are expected to attend all classes as scheduled. Absences and tardiness will be noted and make-up work is required for absences in excess of seven days a year. Make-up work is due within two weeks of missed class time. The cost of make-up work is an additional fee of $70 per lesson and will cover one day of missed class.

The first term is a trial period and an appraisal will be made at the end of that time to consider the student’s progress and commitment. Following that period, the student will receive an annual progress report. 

Grades are not issued.
There are no graded tests throughout the training.
Student’s progress is assessed through annual written progress reports and a meeting with the director once every three months (or once per term).

When questions or other issues arise, the student is encouraged to meet privately with the director. For further support, the student may contact AmSAT.

Alexander Technique teachers are self-employed. We do not offer job placement, but we do offer advice and information on how to establish a successful private practice. Further information can be obtained from AmSAT.

Certification will depend on obtaining a satisfactory level of proficiency in the skill of the hands, and the understanding of the principles of the Alexander Technique, and on completing a minimum of 1,600 hours of training to the satisfaction of the director in concurrence with other teachers. Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible to become members of the American Society of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT), and will be awarded a certificate recording them as certified teachers of the Alexander Technique. This certificate is in turn approved by all affiliate societies, notably STAT in the United Kingdom.

See enrollment agreement: MGL 255 Section 13K.

In the event of weather related cancellation students will be notified by an email/telephone message. Students may call (617) 641-0048 for more information. The program has 5 additional days per year to allow for emergency cancellation. If for any reason class is cancelled beyond the additional time, each student will receive one private lesson per one cancelled day at no additional cost.

In the event that a student must take a leave of absence, he/she will discuss each case and its merit with the director. ATTC will do its best to aid a student and avoid prolonged absences; however, when a leave of absence is unavoidable, that period cannot exceed one year. 1,600 hours of training must be completed in no longer than four years from the start of training.

Should a problem arise concerning the school, the director or the other trainees, the trainee is encouraged to approach the director.  If the problem(s) are not resolved the trainee should contact the Training Approval Committee of AmSAT. If not satisfied, contact the Division of Professional Licensure’s Office of Private Occupational School Education.  Any comments, questions, or concerns about this school’s license should be directed to or 617-727-5811.  Students may direct any complaints directly to the above office should they so choose.